Large Item, Outdoor, Cashless, Vending Machines


15 compartment

firewood vending machine

31 compartment

firewood vending machine

23 compartment

firewood vending machine

Our Standard package consists of one master module and three add-on modules (31 vending compartments) and sells for $8900. There is also an optional manual module that is secured with a padlock.  The manual module allows you to store additional product on site for easier refill of machines and allows on-site personnel to satisfy customer demand immediately if for some reason the woodshax is unable to vend or the customer has only cash.   

Add-on modules are seamlessly added to existing modules by wire harness.  The master module computing software communicates with, acquires and assimilates the new module(s) into the system and you are ready to vend.  Their are multiple configurations depending on customer demand and available space.  Up to 11 modules can attach to the master module however, we recommend and maximum of 6 modules (including master module) due to available space to set the machine.

Price includes:

3 year parts and 1 year labor warranty

Eport 9 credit/debit card reader and 3G telemetry system

Outdoor rated touchpad customer/owner interface

All required leveling and attachment hardware

Completely programmed and ready to install and operate

Business Model assistance  



Manual Module- $499

Add-on Module - $1900

Master Module- $3200