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​At Dinosaur Valley State Park

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                                                             Cost Effective

Wood Shax is designed so that the only continuous power usage is for the customer interface display.

When an item selection is made, power is then provided to the card reader and telemetry system and

once the credit/debit card is authorized momentary power is applied to a single electromagnetic lock, which causes a compartment door to spring open.  The sale is recorded and the machine returns to the ready state. Testing has proven that even with high usage levels, the machine uses about  1 to 2  kilowatt hours of electricity per day  (about 10 to 20 cents).  Initial product sales figures for our units in state parks indicate that 100% Return on investment averages about 18 months


Solar Power Option

Wood Shax is also available in a solar powered version .  It remains fully charged using a 200 watt solar collector and charge controller.

 Wood Shax will run completely on its own power for at least four days without AC or solar charging.

Camp sites and state parks can now stock and sell grillwood, charcoal and firewood for guests 24 hours a day without  AC power concerns or disrupting or adding duties to employees or park rangers.