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Firewood, Grill Wood, Charcoal, vending machine




  Professional Display

Currently, large items like firewood, grillwood, charcoal, deer corn and many other popular products are set out in front of stores on pallets or locked boxes.  Time spent by employees unlocking boxes or arranging the products to make the “pile” look as good as possible  can now be spent on other tasks.  The “pile” is now neatly and professionally displayed in the Wood Shax vending machine

​​Modular Design

Wood Shax  has a modular design that can be sized and arranged in multiple configurations to fit the available space and customer demand.  It can be as small as one (seven door) unit and it easily scales to more than 95 doors simply by adding 8 door modules to the base unit.  The modules are acquired and integrated into the system by the  main module computer  and  ready for operation within minutes. 
 Wood Shax  is constructed using heavy duty steel, welded throughout, completely galvanized and then powdercoated to ensure it is very durable.   Each individual product  container can hold merchandise  up to  2.7Cu ft.  The basic 31 door, four module unit is approximately 12 ft long, 6 ft tall and 2 ft deep.


Get Your Grill On !!!