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Firewood, Grill Wood, Charcoal, vending machine

​Get your Grill on !!! 


Our state of the art, cashless vending machine increases profit, is cost effective, allows for professional display of products, modular,  extremely reliable, and it can be operated outside, all year long,  24 hours a day, even without an AC power source.

                                                                Increases Profit 

Wood Shax allows store owners to maximize sales space and sell larger, high profit items that they previously could not support.   This is especially important for Convenience Store owners.

Wood Shax is perfect for an arborist, Tree cutting service or wholesale firewood and grill wood vendor.  Our machines are currently placed at many Texas State parks where we are the only on site authorized vendor.  We have robust wood sales throughout the entire year.....because its not camping without a camp fire, No matter how hot it is!

Wood Shax provides 24 hour a day sales, 365 days a year!

Wood Shax eliminates product shrinkage due to theft of unattended items. 



Wood Shax is  extremely reliable  because it has a relatively small amount of moving parts, which minimizes mechanical failure and simplified electronics that further increases reliability.  Both factors contribute to the small power demand. 

In the unlikely event that Wood Shax has a mechanical failure, interruption of cellular service for the cashless system, prolonged AC or solar power outage,  complete DC battery depletion, or  a failure to restock the modules, there is an available manual module which is stocked with additional product and is easily accessed by on-site personnel to satisfy customer demand.